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Leon joined us at Firpress this week for his work experience placement! He worked in the studio alongside our design team, assisted Rob our Production Manager with some printing work and also helped in the finishing department making booklets and finishing jobs.

We asked him a few questions about his time here at Firpress…

What did you think working in a design/print studio would be like before you started your work experience?
I thought it would be an office area with lots of computers for people to work and design on.

Which part of working at Firpress have you enjoyed the most & why?
I enjoyed working in the Design Studio the most, because you get to be more creative and imaginative.

Which jobs have you enjoyed working on the most?
Printing because it’s really interesting to learn about how the machine works and it helps me gain experience in case I decide to go into the same or a similar industry.

What have you learned whilst you have been here at Firpress?
I have learnt the full process of printing such as how it’s designed, printed, finished and packaged.

How did you find your hands on experience working with Rob on the RYOBI printing press?
It was really fun and enjoyable. I enjoyed learning about how the machine works and what to do to operate it.

Have you enjoyed your time here at Firpress?
Yes, it’s flew by and it’s been very enjoyable.

Do you think you would pursue a career in Graphic Design in the future?
Probably because my time here has really encouraged me to persue careers in Graphic Design because it has shown me how much fun it is, also it would also be beneficial because it’s something I enjoy.

It was a pleasure to have Leon as part of our team this week. We wish him all the best in the future!