Welcome Aboard Dave Marsden!

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A warm Firpress welcome to our newest recruit Dave Marsden! Dave will be joining Dan, Steph & Christie in the design studio. Feel free to call in and have a chat to him about any upcoming design projects you may have. We asked Dave a few questions about how he’s settling in here at Firpress:

How do you feel about joining the Firpress Team?
Really enjoying it! I have been working as a sole designer for the last three years and its great being back as part of a team. Learning about nice fonts, shortcuts, bouncing ideas back and forth with like minded people! Everyone here is super friendly and even Finn (the resident guard dog) likes me, so I can’t complain.

What are your favourite design projects to work on?
Anything creative! I’ve been pretty specialised for the last three years so it’s nice to be able to work on a variety of jobs and get out of my comfort zone!
C’mon Dave, tell us your favourite font!!
Haha, I think I’m probably one of the few designers that doesn’t have one! Every font serves a purpose or fits a style! There are so many good fonts out there now I don’t think i could chose just one.
Most importantly….do you like cake?! (This is the key to surviving life in the studio…)
Who doesn’t like cake! It’s like my kryptonite, so far I’ve managed to avoid binging on it. However there are cakes and biscuits everywhere…so i don’t have high hopes, especially with everyone trying to lead me astray. Mmmmm cake.