The Roland Versacamm VS-540i Has Landed!

We had an exciting delivery here at Firpress this week, a fantastic new large format printer – it was like Christmas had came early for the design studio staff!

We can now offer prints up to 1300mm in size, larger than we could previously offer. The solvent based inks are ideal for producing posters, banners and outdoor promotional material. It has an incredibly fast production rate, need prints in a hurry? No problem! We can also offer custom cut outs, perfect for stickers, vinyl lettering, window stickers, car stickers and more!

Colour reproduction is fantastic, so your posters and printed material are going to look really eye-catching!



Grab a Beer at the Workington Beer Festival

We are always delighted to work with John Head, John Mather & the team for the Workington Beer Festival each year. It’s great that they give us free reign on the design and trust that Firpress will always deliver them an excellent design for their requirements. We created a new logo for the festival for this year, which will hopefully be established as the main logo for the event for many years to come. We incorporated a beer glass emblem with text and housed that within the shape of a beer pump clip. For the main poster design we used a mixture of textured backgrounds, with images and cut out photos to create an eye-catching base for the design. Working on top of this, we added all the essential information for the event. The poster needs to detail dates and times, but also information about the bands which are performing. Information should be clear and easy to read, as people may only glance at it for a few seconds.

Beer Festival Poster 2015

John and the team loved the design, opting for A4 posters and also A5 leaflets to hand out to promote the event. Tickets for the event are available from the Carnegie or you can visit the Workington Beer Festival website.