Work Experience: Ollie

Ollie joined Firpress this week from Keswick School for his Work Experience. 

During his week Ollie worked in the Design Studio alongside our Graphic Design team, who set him several briefs to work on. One brief Ollie worked on was to create some pump clip designs for some imaginative new beers for The Tractor Shed (Ollie’s family business).

The final designs he created were amazing, we have shared some images of them below.

Ollie also worked closely with Rob our production manager on the RYOBI press, setting up jobs for print, checking them and also running the machine to print the final print run. Our finishing team showed Ollie all the different machinery we use to produce our finished jobs, such as the guillotine, folder and stitcher. Ollie even jumped in to the delivery van to go on a local delivery run with Claire. 

Ollie has a real eye for design and we were really impressed with everything he produced during his time here. We asked him a few questions about his work experience week, have a read of his answers below:

What did you think working in a design/print studio would be like before you started your work experience?
I really had no idea what it would be like at Firpress.

Which part of working at Firpress have you enjoyed the most & why? 
The design studio because it is a very chill environment and I like that I got to be independent. I also liked going on the press as much as the design studio, as I learned a lot and it gave a sense of achievement.

Which jobs have you enjoyed working on the most? (Tell us a little bit about them below)
I enjoyed the Tractor Shed design as it was good to design something that is for the family business and  I am familiar with the client and the designs currently used.

What have you learned whilst you have been here at Firpress?
One of the things that I learnt was that when printing you have to  make sure that all the colours line up

Have you enjoyed your time here at Firpress?
Yes it was very interesting and the time went by very quickly. 

Do you think you would pursue a career in Graphic Design in the future?
Graphics is definitely an option but I am still uncertain whether I will pursue it.

We would like to thank Ollie for choosing Firpress for his Work Experience Placement, he did a fantastic job and we wish him all the best for his future career!