Family Fun Day A3 Poster

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Posters are the perfect way to advertise your upcoming event, fun day or festival. They should be bright, eye-catching and convey the message of what the event is about. After all, you’re not going to take a longer look at a poster that’s dull & boring are you? 

Stuart asked us to design a poster to advertise his Family Fun Day, which was raising funds for the Asante Sana Foundation. The poster was to be bright, fun & bold. With a lot of information to display on the poster, we needed to ensure that all text was easy to read & laid out well.

When thinking about your poster design, it’s important to sit down and think through the important details you need to include. The event should have a name, something short & catchy perhaps but most importantly it should quickly convey the nature of the event. So when someone glances at the poster they understand instantly what is being advertised. Date, location and time are also essential. You want to highlight these quickly, people may only glance at first at your poster for a few seconds, so you need to instantly tell them: what it is, when it is, where it is. Next on the list would be what is on offer: do you have any music events or special events taking place? What can people look forward to on the day? If you have special activities in place for children highlight those. Fun days and events are very popular with families so always push your child friendly events. At the end of the poster, you should think about any sponsors you may need to mention, ticket prices, locations for tickets to be purchased from.

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 Stuart was delighted with the final design, opting for A3 and A4 prints and some A5 leaflets as well. We’re always happy to offer advice and guidance on the best way to design & lay out your promotional material. Our team of skilled designers will work with you to ensure your message is displayed in the most clear & coherent way.

If you have an upcoming event, festival or fundraiser that you would like posters or leaflets designed for, get in touch with us on 01900 68141 or email us using the form on our contact page.