Cooking Up A Storm

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It’s essential that recipe/cookbooks are easy to read & the instructions are easy to follow. Elton got in touch with us to discuss a recipe book he was planning to produce. The book was to be targeted at a younger audience, so he wanted to create an attractive, trendy design that would draw in the reader and hold their interest.

Our senior designer Steph worked with Elton to create a fun, dynamic style for the recipe book, utilising background textures, hand drawn typefaces and sketchy illustrations. She added in some ‘Top Tip’ sections, made to look like they had been stuck onto the page with tape and added some photographs of the meals, attached with a coloured paper clip. Each recipe was given its own colour coding, making it easy to locate the chosen recipe.Recipe BookOnce printed, the recipe books were gloss laminated and wire bound down the left hand edge, we produced & delivered them in time for their launch event. 

Elton was delighted with the final product, commenting: 

“The recipe book looks brilliant! The idea of different colour for each page/recipe is excellent. I really can’t believe how fast you’ve done this – its remarkable”