6 Week Work Placement: Sarah Edmondson

Work-PlacementWe had the lovely Sarah Edmondson join us here at Firpress for a 6 week work placement. She worked alongside our junior designer Christie, working on a variety of design tasks, including logo design, wedding invitation & stationery design & leaflets.  Sarah also shadowed Steph, our senior designer, to have a look at some of the larger design projects we work on here in  the design studio and generally observing the daily routing of multi-tasking jobs, having meetings with customers and drinking lots of tea!

We asked Sarah a few questions about her time here at Firpress, here’s what she had to say:

What did you expect coming to work in a printing environment?
I had no preconceptions of what it would be like to work in a printing environment, I was surprised to learn how much digital printing you do considering you have presses in the factory though. 
It has been good to see the different processes within the factory with the different finishing machines as I have never seen anything like that but always wondered how it was all done professionally.
What jobs have you enjoyed working on most?
I really enjoyed working on the wedding based jobs, (invites and wedding print) I think this was because although there was an idea to follow I was still able to be really creative in the work I produced. Although I have never done logo design I found that I enjoyed working on Paul’s festival logos too, I had time to experiment with this, far longer than you would usually take, however it gave me time to play around with the different programs and I was really happy with some of the logos I produced that day.
Have you learned any new skills whilst you have been with us?
I have learnt a huge amount of skills whilst being here! I have been bringing a notebook with me and I’ve filled a good percentage of it whilst being here.
When I first came here I only had experience in Photoshop and Illustrator. (I found it strange to learn that you rarely use Photoshop as this was massively pushed in uni to learn this program!) 
I had used InDesign a few times but was not comfortable working in it, however I now feel really confident working in it and this is because of the help I have received whilst being here.
Shadowing Steph for the first few days really helped as it gave me a chance to see how she worked and I picked up loads just by watching and her explaining things to me. Daniel has also helped me in Illustrator showing me new tools to use to save time.
What has been the highlight of your 6 weeks with us?
I can’t really pinpoint a highlight, it’s been such a good experience, everyone has been incredibly welcoming and helpful which I’ve really appreciated, I’ve loved being here. I really enjoyed seeing the projects go from being notes on a sheet to being printed work, it was good to sit in with Steph whilst she talked to customers too as I was able to see how she interpreted what the customer had said. 
Has anything surprised you about working in a busy design studio?
It is a lot busier here than I thought it would be, the turnaround time is incredibly fast which I hadn’t expected. At uni I was used to spending months on a project at a time so it’s been eye-opening!
Is working within a busy studio as you thought it would be?
I wasn’t really sure how it would be working in a busy studio however I didn’t really consider all of the little jobs which you have to do on top of the bigger projects. Staying on top of it all must be difficult however it doesn’t seem that way in the way you work. 
Have we scared you off or would you come back & work with us again in the future?
I would definitely come back in the future, it’s been such a good experience being here and I’ve loved every minute of it. 
Do you think we eat too much cake…?
I’d say just about the right amount however I will have to go on a diet after being here!
We have loved having Sarah here working with us and wish her every success in the future.